Psi Upsilon Gamma Tau

We are the only social co-ed fraternity on Georgia Tech’s campus. We’ve got nerds, hippies, metal heads, and mixes of everything. Feel free to peruse our social media to see all of our crazy events and then stop by our house (831 Techwood Drive NW) and play on our arcade cabinets, join in on a game of Smash, jam out on the porch, or just observe our strange behavior. Follow us @psiugt on twitter !
Recent Tweets @psiugt

David Keatts: When I pledged at Psi U, all the brothers congratulated me with a chant. “One of us, one of us…”  Now, I truly feel like “one of them.”

Aleksi Rainio:  I’m really excited that I’m finally a brother and know all of the active brothers. I hope to meet all of the inactives and the active alumni during this coming semester.

Charlie Hancock: It’s strange and awesome to now be equal to all these people I’ve known for almost a year. I’m grateful everyone decided to make it happen. 

Helen Pickron: I thought that initiation weekend as a whole brought our pledge class closer together, and helped me connect with the brothers.

Scott Simmons:  I’m not used to putting much faith into people but I realized during the process that I have complete faith in this fraternity.

Jeremiah Olney: Being a brother is pretty cool. I look forward to doing brotherly things. That will also be pretty cool.

Seon Yoo(Nobel): After a semester pledging at Psi U, I’ve gotten a lot of things: a hang-out, homework help, school advice, but I think the greatest thing I’ve received from Psi Upsilon was a family.

Megan Rich: Initiation was a wonderful experience, and I’m very excited to be a brother as well as a part of the Psi U family.

Clay Anderson: Mr. David Michael Poore is the greatest ambassador to Psi Upsilon. I would elect him president of Earth, and there will never be a better big.

Christina Kirkman: I’m really glad to have had the opportunity of being initiated to Psi U. I love the people here, and I’m looking forward to further developing my relationships with each of them.